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HELP REQUIRED - inquire within by bluefiredragon
June 2nd, 2016, 9:42 pm
Hey everybody! If you're looking to get into competitive battling, this is the perfect chance for you!

Recently, Hoopa-U got banned to Ubers, giving the stall metagame a boost because of the loss of the tier's best stallbreakers.

Me and Nerfed Greninja hope to change this with our article "The Case for Hoopa-U", an in depth look at why the Hoopa-U ban is bad and how the metagame has been affected, and a call to bring it back. We could do it alone, but the more the merrier, right? Plus, we could use the help! So PM me if you have some questions!

I'm out for now, but have some helpful lists

*Having played OU at least a few times
*A simple understanding of the OU meta
*Wanting to learn more about the meta and the things that make it tick

+You get credited and stuff
+Learning the ropes of the stall meta(if you haven't got it already(i doubt anyone here does))
+Free teams for usage in Ubers and OU!
+Counts for contribution towards the forums, gets you off the BANLIST!!! (yes, that's still a thing. It's every 6 months)