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Youtube pt2 by bluefiredragon
December 7th, 2015, 8:44 pm
Check out this beta upload of the new episode!

So, our Youtube account has been up for a while now, and I have given the password to a few people. I will give the password to more people in the future, though, so relax about it.

This post is mostly aimed at the people that HAVE used this account so far, those being me, SilverNinetales, probably RioBlitzle, EeveeEon, and NUZLOCKER.

The problem I have with all five of us using it is that one person can come in and do something that could potentially affect our standing on Youtube.

I know you guys do like to browse Youtube, and I've done a lot of that accidentally myself. The problem with that is that these videos end up in the Youtube history, which means Youtube uses this data to fine-tune reccommendations. This leads to a lot of odd shenanigans, such as random reccommendations popping up on the homepage. And don't deny it, SOMEONE put THAT video in the "Watch Later" list. (You know, THAT one. THAT 12-second one.) This causes a LOT of confusions among our various contributors!
I'm not trying to forbid this, but try to keep this at a minimum, for the sake of my sanity.(Outside of Eon(thx for channel art), I think I'm the only one who contributed)

The one user that REALLY bothered me was NUZLOCKER. Alright, I'm going to mention names, because, really. This REALLY bugged me. First of all, the banner. Please, ask one of the four of us (you know, Founding Four, the Lockers' core?) before you upload that. We want to make viewers keep coming for more videos, and a low quality, misproportioned banner isn't going to help in any way. Put some effort into the things that represent us as a whole, or our first impression will be wasted.
Second, your usage of the LF channel in general. First of all, you used our channel to get another "sub" for your own channel, Hierarchy. While I don't have too many qualms with that, DON'T use our channel for your own material good without our consent, because this channel is for all of us, and not yours to greedily monopolize.

The second round of password distribution will begin soon, so keep your watch for that. And NUZLOCKER, consider our opinion before you use the channel again.
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espeon8812 December 7th, 2015, 9:35 pm
Ooooooooooh yay! If I get invited, maybe I'll upload some Pokemon animations or music videos. Is that allowed?
RioBlitzle December 8th, 2015, 12:37 pm
Yeah.. I've been unable to record for a while. And now I have a cold... D:

I'll do art for it, but aside... sorry I can't contribute for a while. I can only record when both my parents are out. Sozzles.
SilverNinetales December 8th, 2015, 10:08 pm
Wait, I never got the password, Blu. If you could PM me it, that would be great. Maybe I could post some theories or list. That would be fun.