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Problem. BIG problem. by bluefiredragon
December 1st, 2015, 8:58 pm
Yes, I'm sure we all know about pokepokepoke. You're expecting me to talk about him, right? In a way, I am. But he's not the huge problem here. Sure, our egos and our emotions have been dented by that heartless bastard, but that wouldn't have happened... if we had more unity.

So, I know what you're thinking. Unity? How do we achieve that? Why are you even talking about this? Don't we have enough already? Maybe so. But, I think not.

What am I rambling on about? Well check this. Out of the 17 authors we have, only 8 have made contribution, 9 if you count our Youtube channel. (congrats to Eon for giving us a gr8 channel pic =^_^=) (16 if you don't count leGoldenDee, who I slap on all my co-author lists whether I should or not)

What I'm getting at is that, we're just kind of doing our own thing here. #403 is trivia king, and me and Midnight are Teambuilding for 'Tube, but em... not too much organization outside there. Further more, 5 people haven't attempted to discuss anything at all. quicknicolas and superpikablu kind of died six months ago, the last glimpse we had of kachi was when he was acknowledged for fanning a comic. Spark kind of faded into obscurity, and CDoom kinda kept his tail out of anything Locker.

The jig is up. The reason we couldn't beat back WB, sb, ppp(whatever you want to call him) is because the front fighters have no one to fall back on. We turn around for help, but it's not there. At that point, what's the use?

So, the big point? We're not going to keep around the people that don't try to contribute to the forum. From now on, we're going to implement a ban system, which runs on a time limit. If you aren't active here for more than 6 months without a reason why, we'll have to confer whether to kick you off the author list.

WARNING: Please don't take this too harshly. When I mean active, all I'm asking is that you leave a comment or two every so often. Get in the discussion. Making the comics isn't for everyone, so I shouldn't expect it from everyone. For a forum you came, a forum you've got. Hang around for a while. Your take on Pokemon matters to us. (except maybe pokepokepoke's) So share it, get to know the peeps here. Make friends! Maybe then pokepokepoke will truly go -poof- like he should have done months ago.

The last paragraph is dedicated to SilverNinetales, who always manages to shoot daggers out of her eyes when I f- up on the connotation of things. You keep me on my toes~ ^_^

To end on a positive end, Let's all get together and tell pokepokepoke how much we hate his guts. We hate you, PPP!!! Get used to it~ :D
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Midnight-fox18 December 1st, 2015, 9:40 pm
How can we have more unity though? Should everyone here work on something together, post more topics, or what?
espeon8812 December 3rd, 2015, 4:49 pm
@bluefiredragon: Speaking of working together, mind if I do Garchomp for disappointing megas?

PPP is an idiotic crapload of cyber bullying... -.- I do not regret saying that. :D
#403 December 7th, 2015, 4:41 pm

But only on Smackjeeves ...

I am relieved that we're starting a Ban System, rather annoying that they joined and can't even comment.

Regarding unity, I'm on the same page as Midnight-Fox, what would you say we do to improve that?