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Expertises : Metagame Master, Loyal Theorist

Gender : Male

Age : 14

The head honcho when it comes to competitive battling. Favorite Pokemon? Charizard. Favorite Mega? Mega Charizard X. Like, duh. He really likes trains. And Smash. And Pokemon.(ESPECIALLY battling)
Oh yeah, and watch out for the giant train coming for you.


Expertises : Variant Breeder, Species Headcanoner (is that a word)

Gender : Female

Age : 14

Big dork. Will upload headcanons and Pokemon variants, but updates will be limited. Scotland is better than England. Favourite 'mon are starly, espeon, flareon, blitzle, mareep, vulpix and manectric, as well as countless others (canines and birds mainly). I don't give a heck for competitive battling (sorry Blu) but prefer looking into the more headcanonical (another fake word) side of Pokemon. What it's like to live in the Pokemon world, and what subspecies there are out there. I run the Silly Pointless Pokemon comic, so feel free to check that out! *jumps out the window*


Expertises : Not an expert at anything, completely useless and random

Gender : Female

Age : 13

Loves smol arctic foxes. Really, REALLY loves them. Uploads leaks, but is usually late and out of the loop on them. Really tries, but can't win any battle unless playing AG with six Darkrais. Her favorite Pokemon are Espeon, Ninetales, Lugarugan (day form), Reshiram, Shaymin (sky form), Virizion. Never updates her own comics either. Also, sugar is life. No marshmallows or cake in the house? -dies of sugar deprivation-