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hey its rio by RioBlitzle
January 21st, 2017, 3:07 pm
i made this

thats it. thats all the news. you can go now.
we need morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre by bluefiredragon
August 10th, 2016, 5:01 pm
guys we're a bit short on members

ACTIVE members in particular

as for me, if you're wondering, Case for Hoopa-U is still a thing, ok
Might possibly add a second part to it as well about other stall killers

So if you know some cool people that you know would contribute,
feel free to invite em (darkstripe looking at you)

this news post could be better but

1. I'm lazy
2. PAF needs me(and Silver, but mostly me)
3. so does Hoopa-U

HELP REQUIRED - inquire within by bluefiredragon
June 2nd, 2016, 9:42 pm
Hey everybody! If you're looking to get into competitive battling, this is the perfect chance for you!

Recently, Hoopa-U got banned to Ubers, giving the stall metagame a boost because of the loss of the tier's best stallbreakers.

Me and Nerfed Greninja hope to change this with our article "The Case for Hoopa-U", an in depth look at why the Hoopa-U ban is bad and how the metagame has been affected, and a call to bring it back. We could do it alone, but the more the merrier, right? Plus, we could use the help! So PM me if you have some questions!

I'm out for now, but have some helpful lists

*Having played OU at least a few times
*A simple understanding of the OU meta
*Wanting to learn more about the meta and the things that make it tick

+You get credited and stuff
+Learning the ropes of the stall meta(if you haven't got it already(i doubt anyone here does))
+Free teams for usage in Ubers and OU!
+Counts for contribution towards the forums, gets you off the BANLIST!!! (yes, that's still a thing. It's every 6 months)
Snow Season Showdown by bluefiredragon
December 25th, 2015, 7:26 pm
Due to the lack of judges, the contest has been postponed a bit. The first two people to PM me or comment on this news post with their requests will automatically become judges. Remember, you can't judge your own song.

Entry submit time will be pushed back to New Year's day, so get working! Notification will be sent by PM to those who have not voted, so we can get this done before the holidays end. Those on the ban list will NOT be contacted, due to their lack of activity.(aka "presumed ded")
Ban list by bluefiredragon
December 8th, 2015, 9:33 pm
Sorry last last post for all that irrelevant shizz about unity that probably confused OVER 9000!!!! of you and blah blah blah
So yeah here's the ban list naow sorry bye!
...Just kidding, I'm still here.

People that are excused from duty due to position or relation:
- leGoldenDee

People excused from duty because of reasons provided:

People that have not created a comic within 6 months:
spark the wolf

spark the wolf
(leGoldenDee excused)

*While, yes, NUZLOCKER has commented, these comments do not relate to the Locker Forums in general and cannot be counted.



-Blu is planning for a extra HTML page that will display the most recent going ons in the community, as well as featured pages and stuff. Anyone want to help or give ideas, please send a PM!
-Coming up with these banlists takes a lot of stats, especially as the comic expands, so moderators will be recruited to scour for banlist data. NOTE - Moderators file under "People that are excused from duty due to position or relation"
-Moderators serve 6-month term
-Password will be reset at 12/9, 8:30 PST approx. Blu will distribute the new password to those trustworthy enough to recieve it.
Youtube pt2 by bluefiredragon
December 7th, 2015, 8:44 pm
Check out this beta upload of the new episode!

So, our Youtube account has been up for a while now, and I have given the password to a few people. I will give the password to more people in the future, though, so relax about it.

This post is mostly aimed at the people that HAVE used this account so far, those being me, SilverNinetales, probably RioBlitzle, EeveeEon, and NUZLOCKER.

The problem I have with all five of us using it is that one person can come in and do something that could potentially affect our standing on Youtube.

I know you guys do like to browse Youtube, and I've done a lot of that accidentally myself. The problem with that is that these videos end up in the Youtube history, which means Youtube uses this data to fine-tune reccommendations. This leads to a lot of odd shenanigans, such as random reccommendations popping up on the homepage. And don't deny it, SOMEONE put THAT video in the "Watch Later" list. (You know, THAT one. THAT 12-second one.) This causes a LOT of confusions among our various contributors!
I'm not trying to forbid this, but try to keep this at a minimum, for the sake of my sanity.(Outside of Eon(thx for channel art), I think I'm the only one who contributed)

The one user that REALLY bothered me was NUZLOCKER. Alright, I'm going to mention names, because, really. This REALLY bugged me. First of all, the banner. Please, ask one of the four of us (you know, Founding Four, the Lockers' core?) before you upload that. We want to make viewers keep coming for more videos, and a low quality, misproportioned banner isn't going to help in any way. Put some effort into the things that represent us as a whole, or our first impression will be wasted.
Second, your usage of the LF channel in general. First of all, you used our channel to get another "sub" for your own channel, Hierarchy. While I don't have too many qualms with that, DON'T use our channel for your own material good without our consent, because this channel is for all of us, and not yours to greedily monopolize.

The second round of password distribution will begin soon, so keep your watch for that. And NUZLOCKER, consider our opinion before you use the channel again.
Problem. BIG problem. by bluefiredragon
December 1st, 2015, 8:58 pm
Yes, I'm sure we all know about pokepokepoke. You're expecting me to talk about him, right? In a way, I am. But he's not the huge problem here. Sure, our egos and our emotions have been dented by that heartless bastard, but that wouldn't have happened... if we had more unity.

So, I know what you're thinking. Unity? How do we achieve that? Why are you even talking about this? Don't we have enough already? Maybe so. But, I think not.

What am I rambling on about? Well check this. Out of the 17 authors we have, only 8 have made contribution, 9 if you count our Youtube channel. (congrats to Eon for giving us a gr8 channel pic =^_^=) (16 if you don't count leGoldenDee, who I slap on all my co-author lists whether I should or not)

What I'm getting at is that, we're just kind of doing our own thing here. #403 is trivia king, and me and Midnight are Teambuilding for 'Tube, but em... not too much organization outside there. Further more, 5 people haven't attempted to discuss anything at all. quicknicolas and superpikablu kind of died six months ago, the last glimpse we had of kachi was when he was acknowledged for fanning a comic. Spark kind of faded into obscurity, and CDoom kinda kept his tail out of anything Locker.

The jig is up. The reason we couldn't beat back WB, sb, ppp(whatever you want to call him) is because the front fighters have no one to fall back on. We turn around for help, but it's not there. At that point, what's the use?

So, the big point? We're not going to keep around the people that don't try to contribute to the forum. From now on, we're going to implement a ban system, which runs on a time limit. If you aren't active here for more than 6 months without a reason why, we'll have to confer whether to kick you off the author list.

WARNING: Please don't take this too harshly. When I mean active, all I'm asking is that you leave a comment or two every so often. Get in the discussion. Making the comics isn't for everyone, so I shouldn't expect it from everyone. For a forum you came, a forum you've got. Hang around for a while. Your take on Pokemon matters to us. (except maybe pokepokepoke's) So share it, get to know the peeps here. Make friends! Maybe then pokepokepoke will truly go -poof- like he should have done months ago.

The last paragraph is dedicated to SilverNinetales, who always manages to shoot daggers out of her eyes when I f- up on the connotation of things. You keep me on my toes~ ^_^

To end on a positive end, Let's all get together and tell pokepokepoke how much we hate his guts. We hate you, PPP!!! Get used to it~ :D
YouTube Account by bluefiredragon
October 1st, 2015, 10:38 pm
I'm thinking of getting a collective Locker Forums YouTube account! I have a great idea for a video I'll do with fallingstardx. (my buddy IRL) I'll also post battling tutorials and battles of the month there!

I'll PM the password to the authors after the account is up!

Please support the LF channel and give me your channel art! All art accepted!